Local Preferred Vendors

 Lenders  Contact  Phone
 TD Bank  Chad Gibson  (843) 240-6238
 Silverton Mortgage  Karen O'Donovan  (843) 504-1439
 Citizens One Home Loans  Trippett Bonieau  (843) 421-0102
 Home Bridge  Roy Dunn  (843) 446-4663
 Real Estate Closing Attorneys  Contact  Phone
 Elliott Phelan Law  Sean Phelan  (843) 546-0650
 Weathers Law  Greg Weathers  (843) 237-9550
 Joye, Nappier, Risher  Wendy Hardin  (843) 357-6454
 Floyd Law Firm  Dalton Floyd  (843) 238-5141
 Bellamy Law  Martin Dawsey  (843) 916-7173
 Bryan and Haar  Jay Haar  (843) 238-3461
 Home Inspectors  Contact  Phone
 Array Home Inspections  Terry Robey  (843) 685-3853
 Advantage Home Inspections  Chris Guyton  (843) 235-9114
 Lewis Home Inspection  Hal Lewis  (843) 222-0284
 Cornerstone Home Inspections  Mike Riga  (843) 333-2317
 Pillar To Post  Bob Gaffy  (843) 833-3991
 Contractors  Contact  Phone
 Maintenance Plus LLC  Walt Lanier  (843) 995-7437
 Graham's Termite & Pest Control  Jamie Graham  (843) 397-7378

The above vendors are not endorsed by GoodRealty LLC or any of its agents. GoodRealty LLC nor any of its agents receive
monetary compensation
for these recommendations. This list is intended to offer the consumer a choice for comparison only.